Operation Policy


Easyshop Easycook Services Limited is all about convenient shopping and efficient home management in Lagos State, Nigeria. We pride ourselves in what we do, helping our customers take the drudgery which shopping entails off their daily, weekly or monthly routine. We understand the need for our customers to pursue a career without ignoring the home.

Given the opportunity, we at Easyshop Easycook Services Limited have equipped ourselves to help our customers meet up with their home management challenges making them both effective and efficient in the work place and home. We do this by helping our customers buy whatever it is they need for the home especially food and provisions.

Our services also include cleaning and getting the food stuffs ready according to individual specifications so that when we deliver, cooking would be much easier and home keeping very manageable.

How does Easyshop Easycook Shop?

- Do you think there are good cuts of meat and bad cuts of meat?
- Do you pick your egusi, crayfish and ogbonno before grinding?
- Do you feel selecting fruits and vegetables are a fine art?
- Can you glance at a poultry selection and say to yourself. “I don’t like the look of this chicken?"
- Do you take special care in washing your peppers before grinding?
- Are you particular about washing your vegetables with Vinegar before making salad?
- Do you know that Snail has to be washed with Salt, Lime and\or Alum before it is fit to eat?
- Do you take your time going round the market to get the best price for your food stuff?

If yes, so do we! Customer Service is our primary concern, so we want you to be as happy as possible when placing your order. If no, you are in the right place.

Are the food items fresh?

All easyshopeasycook food items are freshly bought, prepared or packaged before delivery. 

What are our charges?

When we shop for you, our charges include delivery charges depending on your location.

If special arrangements have been made on your behalf you would be informed and charged accordingly.

Additional Information
- Office Hours are 8a.m. - 6p.m., Monday - Friday. Federal and State Public Holidays are observed.
- Please make sure someone is available to accept your order when we arrive during the agreed time/period of delivery.
- A fee will be charged for having to backtrack to someone’s home/office to make a delivery.
- Delivery period is 15mins. Endeavour to attend to the delivery officer on time as others are waiting to be attended to.